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Why iPhone/iOS & Xcode12 Are Still Favoured For Mobile App Development in 2020? – Evince Blog: From Tech Gurus to Techies

Mobile App | May 15, 2021

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Mobile app business is heading with a supersonic speed. Most companies want their products, services and/or brand to have an online presence. Some of today’s innovative business models couldn’t launch without a mobile or web app. Thus, having a digital platform is a must, whether it is a corporate or startups. However, this also brings the concern of mobile app development and which platform to choose, to quickly generate ROI while maintaining the aesthetics of the app intact. This raises the bar not only for consulting a top mobile app development company but also whether to go with iOS or Android app development.

We are not going to get into a debate or the nitty-gritty of which one is better. Instead, we are going to focus on the new release of Xcode version 12.0. But first, we’ll need to cover much ground with iPhone app development services and solutions. So, shall we?

Let us first understand what iOS is.

When business owners, startup entrepreneurs, or let’s say small shop vendors approach an iOS mobile app development company, they are often left confused with technical jargons. Simply put, iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created & developed by Apple. If you choose to build your app on the iOS platform, then you are targeting your users who are using Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. Of course, there are certain advantages of investing in iPhone app development services like you get more paying clients, an excellent interface, robust safety, secure testing, and high ROI. But we’ll see more on this later in the blog.

For now, let’s focus on what is Xcode and its new features with the just-launched beta version, i.e., Xcode 12.

Xcode is an IDE – an integrated development environment created to develop software for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The tool helps to create & publish apps to the app store.  

Xcode 12 is power-packed with the tech features for iOS app developers. .

The new Xcode 12 features allow iPhone app developers with document tabs, navigator font sizes, code completion streamlined, re-designed organizer, and Swift UI. There are other additional features which make iPhone app solutions more alluring with the multi-platform template, StoreKit testing, and improved auto-indentation. Let’s understand a few of them in brief:

Universal App

Xcode 12 is designed & built, keeping in mind to deliver robust performance & great interface. It entirely operates on Intel-based CPUs and Apple Silicon to provide more than satisfying results.

What makes Xcode 12 a Universal App ready to build apps is because it comprises frameworks, compilers, debuggers, and other tools as a part of macOS SDK.

Improved User Interface for macOS Big Sur

-> All the documents such as logs, UI files, etc., from the document tabs, can be accessed in a light mode editor tab.

-> Designs of the toolbar, icons, and sidebars are in parallel with the new macOS Big Sur.

-> Navigator fonts can be custom set or can match the system setting.

-> Hassle-free share code for widgets with the WidgetKit.

-> Multi-Platform templates allow easy sharing of SwiftUI code throughout all platforms.

– Convenient to test and debug in-app purchases with StoreKit testing framework and transaction manager.

It is quite clear that all the above features & enhancements make the task easier for iOS app development companies as well as iPhone app developers to write and publish apps to the app store.

All these features do make the iPhone app solutions look lucrative. Whereas, what drives the sheer force to opt for iPhone app development services are its advantages. Following are a few of the advantages of iOS:

As much as it is beneficial to know the features & advantages of iOS app development; one has to tread very carefully when beginning developing iOS apps. Here are a few key steps involved in the process:

Homework – By focussing on your target audience, you’ll need to research to find out the latest trends & technical features as per your business industry. When you hire iPhone app developers, it is helpful if you can provide feature details that you want to in your app.

Roadmap – A key step that iOS app development company in the process is creating the roadmap of how the app will be developed. Ideation helps to identify the purpose as well as to deliver a high-quality mobile app for iOS users.

Wireframe – This move in the process involves building a blueprint of your product. The wireframe will only help you to visualize your iOS mobile app & not present the design. An iOS app development company can quote the cost of building the app as well as foresee development challenges.

UI Designing – User interface plays a critical role in defining the success of your app. A right design can change the entire feel of the app for the users. iOS app development companies ensure to include elements that would enhance positive user experience with graphics, animation, icons and other attributes.

iOS App Architecture – iPhone app development services include for the app to be scalable & showcase steady performance under any environment. To keep an eye on the architecture for the iOS app is one of the critical parameters involved in the development of iOS apps.

Testing & Submission – Once the app is fully developed, the next step is to test it for any errors or bugs reporting even with the smallest functions. The ultimate goal for iPhone app developers and QA is to ensure that your iOS apps look attractive and run smoothly. Moreover, mobile app developers are aware of the app submission regulation to the app store and hence can make sure to exclude all the reasons that would reject the app in the App Store.

Release Updates – Customers’ needs continuously change, and thus you’ll have to implement trendy tech features and bring your app up to date as per the iOS users need. Also, you can make your app more user-oriented by working on the feedback and issues received from your users. A long-lasting relation with iPhone app developers could help you to implement periodic changes in your app for seamless working over iOS platforms.

Technology is continually evolving. On the other hand, the economy is thriving with entrepreneurs who are looking to implement their business model in the fast pacing world quickly. An MVP (minimum viable product) with the necessary functions paves the way to readily implement iPhone app solutions with on-demand mobile apps, cross-platform mobile apps, and many more. To beat the time crunch, hiring iPhone app developers will certainly help along with understanding a few tips and tricks involved in the iOS app development. Here are a few to keep in mind while designing & developing iOS apps:

Wrapping Up:

We hope that the article was informative and helpful to our readers in their purpose. We thank you for taking the time out. Evince Development – a top mobile app development company is always willing to help small store owners, startup entrepreneurs, and even companies who wish to accelerate their business with digital transformation. With in the software industry and clients across the world, we are ready to take your business to excel with our range of digital solutions. Such as on-demand ordering & delivery platforms, tailor-made mobile apps, and custom web design & development services. Want to check a digital solution for your business.

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