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Career Opportunities in Cyber Security

Cyber Security | August 3, 2021

What are the endless opportunities in cyber security for 2021? This is the question answered at last 14th May 2021 Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security Open House. The Open House features Breyvan Tan, Managing Director for Wissen, and EC-Council distributor. Breyvan shared the outlook for the cyber security job sphere in the future and why there is an urgent need for cybersecurity professionals.

How do you get yourself ready for the job?

Breyvan started the presentation strongly with data from Ciodive that says that there’s a 0% unemployment rate in cyber security. The various data breaches in Singapore and other countries show that the need to protect data is essential. He also mentioned that multiple industries are also hiring cyber security professionals from hospitals to even schools.

Of course, these employers won’t hire just anyone who expressed interest in cyber security. To get employed, one must get certified. Breyvan compared the hiring process to driving. Everyone can drive, but can the driver steer the vehicle in the right direction? Entering the cyber security world is just like this. Skills and training are what employees are looking for.

This is why professionals who have cyber security certification enjoy up to USD 16,000 higher pay rate than those who don’t have any certificate.

How do you get ready for the job? Get proper training and certification. Those who attended the event both onsite and online learned more about Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security through the Open House.

Programme Consultant and lifelong learning advocate Thaddeaus Villaruel shared information about the programme in the Open House. Those who signed up during the event had the chance to waive their application fee.

Curious to see what happened at the Open House? You can watch the live stream event via our Youtube channel:

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