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Why Do The Biggest Business Organizations Turn To React Native?

Mobile App | September 26, 2021

The creators of Facebook laid the foundation of React Native – an astonishingly powerful and effective system that developers all over the world swear by. It gave brands like Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, Walmart, Wix, Tesla, SoundCloud, and many others the wings they needed to fly. These brands released world-renowned apps that everyone is using these days. React Native is an exciting open-source framework that’s the most favoured choice for the development of both Android and iOS applications.

Do you hope to see your business company flourish just like Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, Wix, SoundCloud, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, and more? You’ll need a key that goes by the name of React Native to open the doors to immeasurable success. Facebook Inc. laid the foundation of this open-source mobile application development framework. With it, the developers of a react native app development company can build applications for iOS, Android, web, and UWP with the abilities of a native platform. They can write the applications from the comfort of the JavaScript Library, but it will have the look and feel of a native application. It comes from React, the JavaScript Library of Facebook, used to build the interface. However, instead of the web, it will build applications for mobile devices and platforms.

Apart from all the comfort and ease, it lets you share codes between various platforms, which, in turn, help you create applications for Android and iOS at the same time. So, if you have plans of establishing and launching a startup business or even have an already-established business and wish to leave a significant impact on the world of the web, you should start searching for a recognized react native app development company. It will also accelerate the procedure of building applications using various platforms. After all, a developer won’t have to use more than one platform. He/she can also reuse the codes on every platform. As a result, an app development team can build your application using UI mobile components. It will appear just like every other mobile app you can think of. Apart from that, it lets you utilize your mobile camera or location in the application.

The reasons

So, what are the reasons making some of the most recognized business giants sing praises in the name of React Native? Why should you hire react native app developers?

(1) Faster development while saving more

React Native is an open-source app development framework that can beat every rival in terms of delivering outputs. It can give you more than what you seek without putting in too much effort. As already mentioned earlier, React Native lets developers use almost similar code for Android, iOS, and the web. Understandably, it can shorten the overall development cycle by almost half, which, in turn, lets your product manager save time and expenses in developing an application without affecting quality.

(2) The UX of a native app

One of the most significant disadvantages of hybrid applications is that the user experience will be far from that of a native app. It always feels as if you’re operating a web application. If you hire react native app developers, then they’ll take the building blocks of the native user experience and combine them with their JavaScript to create a user experience as close to native apps as possible. As they’ll use the same building blocks for Android and iOS, they’ll achieve the same appearance expected by the users. Of course, developers will always have a choice of writing a mixture of native and React code to achieve the same functionalities. The best thing about React Native is that the developers can do all these things while maintaining the experience of native applications.

(3) Cross-platform

Conventionally, a development agency that doesn’t build anything using React Native can create apps for Android and iOS separately. It often leads to inconsistencies in the user experience among various platforms. However, with React Native, developers can build Android and iOS applications simultaneously while adding fluidity to the user experience consistently.

(4) Adding personalization

When you opt for React Native, you get the opportunity to push personalized UX to your users on the same application. By sticking to the practice of Clean Architecture, React Native specialists can separate Native code, JavaScript code, Framework code, and CSS styling. It lets them deliver various styles with ease to the app from the server-side. This facility’s effectiveness allows developers to define a personalized style for every user group on the server-side. Each user will be able to see their personalized UX. It’s worth mentioning here that personalization is the primary necessity of digital transformation.

(5) Adding new features within a short time

Typically, after publishing an app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you hope to add new features for your user base. This procedure always incorporates going through the build process once again. Only then you can upload the updated version of the app to the relevant store. Also, it will take some time for Google or Apple to approve the update. Furthermore, users need to install the updated applications manually. In React Native, however, you won’t have to bother with these issues. Due to the presence of plug-ins like CodePush, every new update will automatically reflect during the runtime. As a result, you will witness the changes taking place without launching the app from scratch again.

(6) The presence of third-party plug-ins

For any business, laying the foundation of an entirely original and authentic application can be time-consuming and costly. To drive down the expenses, you have to utilize the reusability approach. For that purpose, you can use the online tools or resort to the services of a mobile app development company in New York. There’s already a massive collection of reusable libraries available for React Native. Also, new ones keep pouring in every day, thanks to the proactive nature of the development communities.

(7) Writing code only once

In a regular scenario of mobile app development, developers have to write codes separately for Android, iOS, and the web. With React Native, on the other hand, developers have to do it only once. The same code will run on almost every platform. There won’t be any requirement of writing the code from the beginning. It’s possible to share almost 70% of the code among Android, iOS, and the web. Developers have to tailor insignificant portions of the app for specific platforms.

(8) Detecting bugs with ease

Due to the code reusability feature of React Native, you’ll need only one update for multiple platforms. It makes bug detection between codebases much easier. Your team won’t have to spend hours in search of bugs in two different codebases. One decision will be more than enough to fix and update a mobile application.

(9) Online community support

Since there aren’t any specific Android or iOS programming languages you’ll need for React Native, your frontend developers with in-depth knowledge in JavaScript can work on it easily. It’s one of the main reasons contributing to the popularity of this framework. Over time, React Native managed to gather an incredibly large pool of online communities. If you encounter a problem at a point in the development phase, you can dive into this pool for help. Those who love React Native are always quick to help fix the problems and share skills needed to excel in the field.

(10) Building MVPs faster

When you work with React Native development agencies, your development cycles and expenses drop down by 50%. It means you’ll be able to take larger risks while inspecting your business models. You can launch the first ready-to-use version of your app with minimum functionalities. It’s what developers recognize as an MVP or minimum viable product. You can stow away all secondary features for future developments. After identifying the demand for additional features, you can start making investments. In doing so, you won’t waste even a minute of your time developing detailed interfaces and branded designs. Instead, you’ll implement an early version of the application. It will help you stay away from failure later. React Native also keeps the number of bugs to a minimum due to the use of a single code that even speeds up the testing process and lowers maintenance expenses.

It’s safe to say here that React Native can be the one-stop destination where you’ll find the solution to all your problems. Apart from every feature mentioned here, a mobile app development company in New York can use React Native to build AI-based solutions. It can deliver optimum performance and make things easy for developers and investors. Despite being an amateur platform, React Native managed to become one of the best app frameworks of all time.

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