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Passage: Ruby on Rails Engineer

Ruby on Rails | June 23, 2022

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, United States


About Passage

Passage is a fast-growing, venture-backed tech startup company based in Detroit, MI. The Passage Ticketing platform works with thousands of events around the world every year, powering their ticket, merchandise, and concession sales both online and at-the-door. Our combination of powerful web and mobile technology, omni-channel payments, and world-class customer support help events everywhere reach more fans and sell more tickets. Find out more at

About the Job

As an engineer at Passage you’ll join our small team of two other developers in building one of the most feature rich and user friendly event ticketing platforms in the industry. Your day-to-day may consist of fixing bugs, updating user interfaces and performance tuning PostgreSQL database calls. However, you’ll probably spend most of your time building exciting new features. We pride ourselves on how quickly we’re able to ship awesome new functionality for our clients. We try to do things “The Rails Way.” While we got sucked into the React world several years back, these days we prefer to render HTML on the server. Any front-end interaction we need comes from StimulusJS, StimulusReflex, and CableReady via ActionCable. We’re also planing on utilizing Hotwire where applicable. Here are some actual projects you might work on at Passage:

  • An embeddable widget so clients can sell tickets through our platform directly from their own website
  • ViewComponent components for our revamped admin UI and ticket checkout UI
  • A mobile concession stand order queuing system
  • Group Ticket Sales – Offering special ticket packages to organizations
  • Expanding upon our already powerful promo code engine
  • A “custom fields” engine for collecting extra info from ticket purchasers
  • API endpoints for our mobile POS Android and iOS app
  • Reducing load on our servers by offloading the heavy lifting of credit card processing to the client
  • Stripping out our dependency on jQuery and implementing Turbolinks
  • An alternate authentication system to allow web-views in our mobile app

As an Engineer at Passage, we aren’t just focused on getting a task done as quickly as possible but rather we are always thinking ahead. We’re not programmers, we solve problems. We are a small team, and while we have leadership in place, we like to keep things flat. Your opinion is just as valuable as the CTO’s.


About You

We’re looking for someone who not only loves software development, but is particularly passionate about Ruby on Rails. This is most definitely a “full stack” position and you should be comfortable with everything from the PaaS providers, to the database to CSS, to writing tests.

You prefer to work smarter rather than harder. Self management is a must-have trait at Passage. You’ll have the full support of our entire team and all the tools you need to be successful, but no one is going to look over your shoulder or hold your hand through every project. We value results, not whether you’re at your desk from 9-5 with your eyes glued to your computer. You might have a CS degree and that is great, but that isn’t necessarily an edge over someone without. We care about the work you do and how you do it.

Our engineering team is remote first. We have office space in Detroit that you’re welcome to use if you live in the area, but even folks in the office operate as if they were remote. You should be very comfortable communicating and working via tools like Asana, Slack and Github. While we are fully remote and we try to operate as asynchronously as possible, we require at least 4 hours overlap of your workday with 9am – 5pm US Eastern Time.

How to Apply

Fill out the form here and write us a cover letter introducing yourself. Tell us why you want to work at Passage and describe how you envision your role. It’s your story, so take your time. There are no right answers or specifics we’re looking for, just know that we value the cover letter more so than the resume!

What Comes Next

If we decide to move you forward to the next step, we’ll be in touch and setup an interview. There won’t be any brain teasers or white-boarding. We just want to get to know you and chat about your experiences and how you work. From there, you may be asked to complete a small coding test. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make you do something that will take more than a few hours of your time.


  • Hours: Flexible 40 hours per week.
  • Paid Time Off
  • Great Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • 401k matching
  • Work from home allowance
  • Education allowance
  • Monthly allowance for ticket purchases to Passage powered events
  • Location: Remote. You’re welcome to work from home or anywhere you feel productive. We also have office space available in Detroit, MI

To apply:

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