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New Site Launch: Justified Concepts

Justified Concepts was established to reach out to like-minded people who produce, supply, and purchase goods and services and want absolute transparency. Transparency about where the good comes from, how it was made, and how it is priced. When you purchase a good or service you make the decision to pay for what you get based on limited information or certain assumptions. We think you deserve more disclosure and will reward this effort accordingly. You may pay more for a luxury brand or a superior professional service if you feel it is justified relative to its competition but you may also evaluate its substitutes more effectively using our website. The desire is there, but the time to obtain price discovery or trust in the output at the point of purchase for most consumers is not. You don’t have to be an expert to know what you are buying if the suppliers are telling you what their reward for effort is and what their philosophy of production is.

Their company may be based upon certain guiding principles which matter to you including but not limited to contributions to charitable organizations. With your purchase and the information Justified Concepts provides, you decide if it’s worth it. Your smallest and biggest buying decisions matter because they reflect how you choose to live. Justified Concepts aims to make your point of execution more informed and transparent – JUSTIFIED – and if you want to pay a farmer, manufacturer, or lawyer for their expertise and effort in bringing that product or service to you, you should know more about their cost and philosophy. Justified Concepts¬†embraces individuals and organizations that are not afraid to declare they think they are worth your support with your purchase.