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Top Mobile App Development Companies – 2018 Rankings

Mobile App | November 24, 2019

Choosing an app design and development agency is a tough process, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Having a full-functioning and comprehensive app is vital for future growth, innovation and success.

Leading mobile app agencies have a lot to offer businesses. They increase brand awareness, drive interactivity and compel users to take action.

The best iOS app development agencies understand the technical app landscape innately, and they know how to create a platform that will reach the goals brands have laid out.

Many people claim to have an idea for the next big iPhone or Android app, but very few of us are actually capable of executing those ideas. Mobile application development companies exist to help companies and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into living, breathing digital realities.

Partnering with the wrong mobile app development company, however, can be catastrophic for your project, resulting in lost capital and lost opportunity.

So, what differentiating factors can help signify that a certain app developer will be the right partner?

What Is The Best Mobile App Development Company In The USA & Beyond?

The best app design and development agencies in the U.S. and the world at large are award-winning, passionate and creative. They push boundaries and drive innovation. They change brands for the better and put businesses on a successful path to results.

But not all app design and development agencies are equal. They don’t all do the same things, have the same talent or work in the same processes.

That’s why we’ve stressed the importance of doing thorough research to find the best app design agency for you.

There is not one, singular best iOS and Android app development and design agency. The best in the world depends on what you want and what you’re looking for.

But here are some things that can help determine what makes a truly revolutionary development agency.

Top App Building Companies Have Great Client Referrals And Past Experience

Beautiful portfolios and mobile app case studies are a great stepping stone to understand the work a top-rated app design agency can produce. But if you really want to understand, search for specific client referrals and testimonials.

As outside third parties, former clients will give you a more candid inside look into this professional partnership.

Be wary of top iPhone app development firms who hesitate at giving client information. Be especially wary if they are without a strong reason.

Although there is some client privilege, most agencies who don’t have a single client reference willing to speak on their behalf likely don’t have many happy customers that they feel confident involving.

Top App Design & Development Companies

App Development Companies Have A Process That Matches Your Goals

Mobile application builds are incredibly complex projects. They have many stakeholders and an even greater number of moving parts. Being guided by a proven process is essential to seeing the project through to the end and ensuring things stay on track from kickoff to launch.

A well-organized process is what ensures that no piece of the project is overlooked or forgotten, no specification left by the wayside, and no opportunity left untapped. Specific processes are created to handle iOS app development versus Android app development. This ensures the quirks of each platform are covered.

For example, Dom and Tom is an award-winning agency committed to an effective process, stating:

“Our process begins with an in-depth Research & Planning period, wherein we lay the foundation for each engagement. We start by asking questions to establish a baseline, both to align your team with ours and to understand the problem or business goal. Then, we set the stage for creative solutions.”

The Best Mobile Application Development Company Provides A Strong Return On Investment (ROI)

Investing in mobile apps could produce a strong return on investment for businesses. This is particularly true for those with strong online presences or e-commerce shops.

Consumers growing reliance on smartphones pushes us closer to a mobile-only world. By 2019, we’re expected to see mobile devices capable of handling 5G, which is known for super-speed and strong connections. Plus, plenty of reports increasingly speculate that we’re heading to a time reliant on smartphones alone.

By developing a highly-functional mobile app that your consumers enjoy using, you’re one step closer to surpassing the competition on the way to the future. The best app development companies in the world get you there.

How A Top App Development Agency Adds Value To A Business’s Digital Goals

App Creation Companies Utilize Direct Marketing To Sell Products & Services

Apps differ from mobile websites and traditional online destinations. That’s because you aren’t competing with other platforms and web pages. Once you convince a user to download your brand’s app and enter it, your risk of them jumping to a new website significantly decreases.

And your ability to deliver information straight to them increases, resulting in effective direct marketing. The best app agencies offer these multiple opportunities.

This lack of immediate competition allows you to market precisely to your consumers within the app. You can do this through clear-cut messaging and calls to action.

But remember, there are many types of mobile apps — including in-browser applications and native. Plus, don’t drop your traditional desktop website (yet).

Not every customer will have a device that is compatible with your app, so it’s in your best interest to provide a user-friendly outlet for everyone. Leading mobile app design agencies give you a more straightforward path to market to audiences.

A Mobile App Development Firm Increases Customer Engagement

Well-developed and designed mobile apps give the power to consumers. This enables them to interact with a brand from the palm of their hand and with the click of a button.

A strong attention to user experience encourages users to engage with a brand on a more frequent basis and with stronger loyalty. Top app development agencies provide apps with the necessary features to foster this engagement.

There are several top app design features that increase user engagement. These include 24/7/365 chatbot assistance, embedded contact information, interactive maps, seamless reminders that automatically integrate with your native calendar, simple and intuitive navigation, and more.

61 percent of consumers hold higher opinions of businesses with strong mobile experiences.

An Android App Development Company Or iPhone App Development Company Increases Brand Awareness

Great app design and development agencies work with brands to create stunning mobile experiences. These experiences foster trust and fill a void for consumers.

This additional branded platform reinforces a business’s morals, products, services and general expertise. It makes the company as a whole more valuable for consumers in the market.

Visibility and recognition is the key to capturing new consumers and transforming them into returning customers. Consistent and regular branding is shown to increase awareness and overall trust in a company, resulting in brand loyalty and higher revenue.

80 percent of consumers ignore web page ads. They even say they diminish their trust in an overall website.

In a mobile app, consumers are free from pesky ads and are able to concentrate on the information a brand wants to communicate. Enlisting the help of these successful mobile app design companies will help you increase this awareness and pinpoint new customers for future business opportunities.

Mobile Development Companies Use Consumer Data To Perfect Their Designs

Developing a new mobile app is the perfect opportunity to gather new and useful information about your customers. Through brand-new onboarding processes, gamified interfaces, and even permitted access to other apps such as contacts and calendars, businesses open up a wealth of information by created a user-friendly app.

Top app developers can help brands create a seamless experience for users using that data. Companies can harness that user data to improve various digital marketing efforts, such as targeted ads and email and marketing automation campaigns.

They can also tailor better products and services to consumers. This new connection to customers provides long-term growth benefits to any business.

Brand-Boosting Benefits Of The Mobile App Development Companies

Apps have the potential to radically transform your marketing and business strategy. This list of app design agencies is full of expertise and experience that can build you a platform that encourages interactivity from your consumers.

Apps give your audience a place to engage with your brand. It helps to boost brand awareness and gives you another platform to market your products and services. In our increasingly mobile-first world, a succinct mobile presence is key.

These top app design companies and mobile development agencies understand the technicalities that go into app development, but they also understand the aesthetics and the power of a good user experience.

The Best Mobile App Development Firms Add Value To Your Business’s Strategic Goals