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Mobile App | December 30, 2019

List of best companies in mobile app development

It is hard to imagine modern life without smartphones and mobile apps. Today, we’ve got apps that can do almost everything, and it would be a huge surprise if a desktop software product or web app had no mobile version. By 2019, the number of smartphone users worldwide is predicted to grow up to 2.5 billion. But what was it like just decades ago? Let’s travel back in time and see how the mobile app development evolved.

Today’s apps are significantly different from their predecessors. They constantly change and evolve with revolutionary technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and more. The growing popularity of mobile development increased the demand for mobile applications across all industries, from healthcare to entertainment. In its turn, such tremendous growth increased the demand for Android and iOS development engineers worldwide. So if you are looking for a mobile app development company to outsource your app development project, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to share our top 10 trusted mobile app development companies.

#1. Liki Mobile Solutions

Liki Mobile Solutions is a team of qualified consultants, software architects, experienced designers, and developers. Founded in 2013 in Poland, the company offers the nearshore and offshore outsourcing services as well as team leasing. Experts at Liki specialize in the React, Angular, Node.js, HTML5, Golang, Android, iOS, and Java technologies.

Featured Project: App for Football Fans

The task of the Liki team was to improve the existing iOS application for the fans of Polish and European football leagues. The app was improved, debugged, and supplemented with the new features such as the possibility to vote for players and ranking of the football legends by decades. To complete the project, the team used the following technology stack: Xcode, Swift 4, REST API, Push Notifications, Firebase, Websockets, and Cocoapods.

#2. MLSDev

Founded in 2009, MLSDev is one of the first companies in Ukraine that focuses exclusively on mobile development. The company’s mission is to maximally unlock the potential of business ideas through innovation. MLSDev’s clients range from startups to large international enterprises. In addition to mobile development, the company delivers business analysis, mobile, and web design, MVP development, and ongoing development services. The technology stack of MLSDev includes Swift, Java for Android, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails.

Featured Project: McDonald’s Baltics

MLSDev built a mobile loyalty app for McDonald’s customers in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. With this iOS / Android app, the users can get personalized deals as well as inform themselves about new promotions and products. The purpose of the app was to increase the loyalty between the brand and its customers in Baltic countries.

Featured Project: ArtStation

ArtStation is a creative platform for artists working in different areas of the visual arts. The artists can showcase their works in personal profiles that act like portfolios and even find different job opportunities. ArtStation already existed as a web platform, so the client needed to rebuild the existing iOS app and develop an Android app from scratch. Today the app has 3.5K users for the iOS version and 4.5K users for the Android version.

Appus is a company from Ukraine with over 8 years of experience in IT outsourcing. Appus delivers the Android development, iOS development, web development, UX / UI design, and quality assurance services for clients from the real estate, education, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and e-commerce industries.

Featured Project: GeoPhoto HD

With the GeoPhoto app, users can manage their photos from Google Photo by creating pictures on maps with coordinates as well as organize the photos into the time and place albums. To build the app, the project team was using the Apple Maps, Cocoa controls, Firebase, iOS, Swift, and Xcode technologies.

Featured Project: Capsule

Capsule is a simple messaging app for iOS. The app allows its users to exchange messages in the future, so that they are delivered at a specified date and time, just like a time capsule. The project team was using the following technology stack to build the app: iOS, Xcode, Twilio, and Objective-C.

Featured Project: Asset Management

This iOS app enables its users to control and track their business assets and inventory both online and offline. The app features the QR / RFID tags, item data, notifications, attachments, mapping, comments, history, and more. The project’s technology stack includes Cocoa controls, Facebook SDK, iOS, iTunes, Swift, and Xcode.

# 4. TechMagic

Established in 2014, TechMagic is a software development company with a narrow technology stack that helps startups and established enterprises to build remote dedicated teams. The company’s technological expertise includes JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, ExpressJS, Typescript, Salesforce, Serverless, Native iOS, and Android. In 2017, TechMagic became AWS Certified Consulting Partner.

Featured Project: Good & Co

Good & Co is an iOS / Android app that helps its users to find a dream company to work for, based on three archetypes. During the project, the TechMagic team created two native iOS and Android apps, thus having transitioned the app from the hybrid framework. Besides, the iOS app was moved from Objective-C to Swift. As a result, the project raised 10.3 million total investments, and the app was downloaded more than 200K times on the App Store and Google Play with a 5 star rating.

Featured Project: Sqord

Sqord is a gamified IoT fitness app for kids that allows the children to compete and earn points for everyday physical activities. The app is connected to a fitness wristband that helps to measure the duration and intensity of a physical activity.

# 5. Perpetio

Perpetio is a trusted web and mobile app development company that has been on the market since 2012. In addition to the development, the company provides the UI / UX design, project management, and quality assurance services. Perpetio has helped over 30 companies and startups to explore the mobile market and make beautiful native apps for iPhone and iPad as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

Featured Project: Finance Book

The app allows its users to track their monthly incomes and expenses. Finance Book supports all of the world’s currencies and is localized into 4 languages: English, French, Russian, and Ukrainian. The app users can track their monthly balance, divide expenses into categories, and set notifications about accounting.

Featured Project: Polymaze

Polymaze is designed for business owners who manage freelance resources. The app helps its users to set budgets, process payments, and assign tasks for the freelancers.

# 6. UpTech

UpTech is a Ukrainian outsourcing design and development company that helps innovative companies bring their bold ideas to life. The company provides the Android app development, iOS app development as well as the cross-platform and web app development services for the healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce industries. UpTech also specializes in drone apps, on-demand apps, and streaming apps.

Featured Project: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a shopping app for Android. In 2017, the app won the Webby Award for Best Shopping App. It was also acquired by Unilever for $ 1 billion.

Featured Project: Aspiration

Aspiration is an iOS and Android banking app with 40K monthly active users.

# 7. Softnauts

Softnauts is a web and mobile app development company from Krakow, Poland. Having been on the market for over 6 years, the company completed dozens of projects for clients from over 10 countries. Softnauts aims to build stable business relationships based on transparency, expertise and excellent communication.

Featured Project: Ask Expertise

Ask Expertise is an app for the healthcare industry that enables communication and collaboration between teams within a single platform. The app improves productivity by optimizing solutions to various problems.

Featured Project: Looper

Looper is a social app based on geolocation, the main idea of which is to visit the place, create or open the existing loop and start chatting with people within the specified radius. Looper also has a feature for hotels that allow the guests to ask questions via public or private chats.

Featured Project: Bright Cards

Bright Cards is an app featuring the flashcards for teachers that help their students practice the content of the recent lessons. The gamified learning process helps the teachers to engage the students with the learning process and break the ice in the classroom. The app is especially useful for learning foreign languages in a classroom. Bright Card features the following languages: English, German, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, and Russian.

# 8. CHI

CHI started off in 2006 as a small web studio. Today, it is a big company with over 250 professionals that deliver the cutting edge software development solutions. Experts at CHI can work as either a part of an extended team or a dedicated team to achieve the business goals of their clients. The company has completed a wide range of projects in the insurtech, fintech, e-learning, e-commerce, travel & booking, media, smart solutions, healthcare, and business industries.

Featured Project: Education Platform for iOS

This iOS app allows students to produce digital projects in an interactive and collaborative environment. The app is optimized for teachers as well, so they can create classes and tasks as well as follow the students’ activity. The CHI team was using the following technology stack for the project: Objective-C, xCode, xCode Tools, Foundation, UIKit, CoreGraphics, CoreText, CFNetwork, MobileCoreServices, QuartzCore, Security, SystemConfiguration, Facebook SDK, Crashlytics, Fabric, Hockeyapp, XML, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS, GIT.

Featured Project: Connected Cars X

This iOS app is designed for insurance agents and car drivers. It helps the agents to set the smart coverage for aggressive drivers and help regular drivers to save on auto insurance. To build the app, the team was using the following technologies: C++, Ruby, iOS, and PostgreSQL.

Featured Project: Sockets Control

This Android app is a part of the Smart Home project. It helps the users to switch the average home power supplies on and off remotely and monitor them through the app. The users can set and change the name of each socket, set the on & off time and date for the controlled sockets, and check the current hub status. They can also track each socket in real time. During the project, the team was using the Android SDK, Retrofit, and Custom Calendar Widget technologies.


Founded in 2011 by 4 enthusiasts in Ukraine, the GBKSOFT app development company has grown to more than 70 staff members. The development team at GBKSOFT has completed over 700 projects for clients from 18 countries. The company specializes in the following technologies: JavaScript, PHP, Yii2, Node.js, Angular.js, Java, Swift, HTML / CSS, MySQL,, jQuery, iOS SDK, REALM, Android SDK, Android Studio, Gradle, and Maven.

Featured Project: Village Kids

Village Kids is a freelancing iOS app that connects babysitters and parents. The platform aims to help parents that are looking for the last minute sitting or trying to find a reliable nanny nearby. The team was using the following iOS development technologies for the project: Swift 4.1, Alamofire, Fabric, Clusterkit, Swiftwebsocket, and Stripe SDK.

Featured Project: Anywhere Fitness

Anywhere Fitness is an online sports app that connects the athletes and trainers to work out together at chosen locations and times. The app can be paired with fitness wearables. It uses streaming technology to allows real-time workouts. During such workouts, an athlete can interact with a trainer who can see their performance, provide instant feedback, and motivate them. To develop the app, the GBKSOFT team was using the following technology stack:

Featured Project: Drophook

Drophook is a community app for fishers that provides all of the necessary tools from fish measures to weather radars and navigational maps. The app received over 1K downloads from the Google Play Store during the first couple of days after the release. After a month, the number of the downloads reached 5K. Drophook was even featured on several local TV shows.

Web Factory is a web and mobile app development company from Skopje, Macedonia. Founded in 2009, the company has completed over 50 projects for more than 30 clients in various industries. The company’s employees have several years of working experience and numerous awards in the IT sector.

Featured Project: Foodie

This is an app for true food lovers that helps them discover the current trends among the local foodies. Foodie enables its users to provide photos and reviews of nearby restaurants in order to help the others discover something new as well. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

Featured Project: Ohtell

This video app for iOS enables its users to record video reviews for a range of hotel categories. The users can create reviews by recording up to 15-second videos consisting of several sequences that can be reordered later on. The Web Factory team was using the following iOS development technologies to reach the project goal: Cocoa Touch, AFNetworking, MediaPlayer, CoreVideo, CoreMedia, CoreLocation, CFNetwork, AudioToolbox, FacebookSDK, SDWebImage, Masonry, and MagicalRecord.

Featured Project: Extreme FX

Extreme FX is a video app for iOS that enables the users to add different video effects and sounds to their recorded videos. The users can combine two videos and sound effects into one video and add visual effects. To implement the project, the team was using the following frameworks: OpenGL ES 2.0, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, and AVFoundation.