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Week 8 – ViewBinding + ViewModel + LiveData | MVVM | Kotlin Android Development Course for Beginners

Mobile App | August 9, 2020

This week’s lecture will teach you how to implement simple MVVM using ViewBinding, ViewModel and LiveData.

This is lecture 8 in a 9 week series on mobile app development with Android and Kotlin. In this Android development course for beginners, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Android development with Kotlin while building a simple weather app using Android Studio.

This week’s lecture covers the following questions:
– How to use ViewBinding to replace findViewById() calls?
– How to implement MVVM using LiveData and the Android Architecture Component ViewModel class?
– How to save ViewModel state across device rotation by using view model scopes?
– How to create a ViewModelProvider.Factory to pass arguments to your scoped ViewModel

— lecture outline —
1:17 – Lecture Starts
13:52 – Code Walkthrough Starts
14:00 – ViewBinding
26:00 – ViewModel + LiveData + MVVM
47:20 – ViewModel scoping & handling configuration change

This Android development course is aimed at beginner programmers who have some familiarity with Java and object oriented programming, but haven’t necessarily built mobile apps before.

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