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How to Quickly Develop Backend application | AWS Amplify

Mobile App | August 10, 2020

Lets learn how to quickly start with a mobile app or a web app development without having to worry much about backend development, setup, and deployment.

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If you are watching this video, then I am pretty sure that you are looking for some new technologies you want to try. And I must say that you are in the right place. I create videos on new Trends, Technologies, and Tools in software development ecosystem, which can help you to implement or try out some awesome tricks in your project that will make your life easy.

This video is related to AWS Amplify which is an awesome framework provided by AWS. It helps you to quickly start with your web application development or mobile application development and AWS Amplify takes care of all the backend stuff and deployment for you.

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⏩ We will be covering the below topics:
0:00 – Introduction to the topic
0:45 – Why AWS Amplify
2:26 – 1. Installation & Setup of AWS Amplify
3:27 – What is GraphQl
4:02 – Installing AWS Amplify
4:17 – Setup AWS Amplify
6:30 – 2. Create an application and initiate AWS Amplify
9:20 – 3. Connecting backend to your application using GraphQL
13:39 – How GraphQL queries works
18:36 – 4. Adding authentication to the application
20:12 – 5. Running your application
21:29 – 6. Reviews and Ratings
23:43 – Thank You note

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