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Top 5 beginner mobile app developer tips (2020)

Mobile App | August 19, 2020

With 3 years as a mobile app developer, I have built 5 pretty successful apps and learned many lessons along the way. So In this video, I will tell you my 5 tips which could be helpful to make your mobile app development journey smoother and more efficient.
Keep in mind that these are not technical tips so I won’t tell you which side, language, or framework to use but instead, I will tell you other to important things which are equally more important than knowing which technologies to use.

For those who are short in time Here is the written version of the video in summary

-Always follow the KISS rule

Kiss Means (Keep It Simple and Small ) where actually in a meme it was originally meant to Keep It simple stupid.
Always keep your apps simple so users don’t become confuse on how to use your app. Both 5 and 70 years old must understand what your app is used.
With different people, there are different devices with different storage so it’s extremely important to keep your file size low to prevent people from passing your app.

-Read Google Play Store and Apple App Store Guidelines

One of the common mistakes that new app developers make is they don’t read google and apple developer guidelines. Please read it otherwise if your app doesn’t comply with their policies your both app and developer can be in danger.

-Create MVP(Minimum Viable Product ) and show it to the target audience

Many people create a final product instead of creating MVP and testing whether the app they are trying to build actually has market demand or not. They build and ship the product but the product will never see light.
So create MVP and see whether the solution you are actually trying to give has market demand or not.
and even if they build MVP they do the wrong thing by showing it to the wrong target audience and ask their feedback . But many times the feedback given by them is not useful because they are not the primary target audience of your app.

– Create goals and achieve them.
App Development is hard and sometimes it can take “months” if not weeks to build a good app.So its really important that you breakdown your apps into small pieces and create milestones and achieve them . Doing this will

put less pressure on your brain and when you actually achieve them that will cause immense pleasure and will make you keep on building and finishing the app.

 (Main Tip )
-Practice hard but take good short breaks
You may have heard this word “Practice ” 1000 times but it will be also told 1000 times in the future because there is no alternative of “Practice “.So to keep on improving on app development you have to keep on practicing.
Along with practice, you must take “Good Breaks” as our mind and body are not made to work 24*7 and if you sit at a single position for a long period of time it may cause neck pain and back pain .So it’s necessary to take care of your body because you can change coding days but you can’t change your body . If your body and mind do not support you no matter how talented skillful you are you cant code

This ends the list.
(This is my first video on youtube so maybe it wasn’t the quality you expected but I promise I will improve in future )
Thank you for watching it.
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