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Ruby on Rails | November 10, 2021

When it comes to building a new website/app or updating the existing one, it is essential to know the difference between a web designer and a web developer, whose goals may seem a bit similar at the first glance. Although these two positions relate to building a website or a product and can use the same tools, their roles are distinctive in the terms of goal achievement. So let’s dig in and break down each role in detail, so you can easily figure out which one will best suit your project.

A web designer: takes care of feel and look

A web designer is a person who is responsible for layouts and the visual aspect of your product, as well as for the interaction between different pieces and parts in order to provide a user with usability and seamless flow. Web designers do not build a website – they make prototypes, wireframes (let’s say they craft ideas in a beautiful way) to help developers proceed with the implementation. 

In essence, a designer is like an architect who focuses on technical aspects such as wireframes, code, content management. However, a great design is not about the integration of all visual elements into functionality – it is rather about adhering to the design process, which results in feasible products that are ready to be worked on by the developers’ team. 

In order to conceptualize the product and make it stand out from the crowd, a designer has to stay updated on the latest design trends and follow best practices. User persona must be an essential part of a designer’s research before the designing of the website/app. There is a profound path toward UX product design: from user research to conversion-generating elements. Let’s deep dive into the process of designers’ workflow to understand their responsibilities in detail. 

So now, having an overall vision of how designers impact the initial creation of the product, let’s outline the types of web designers.

A web developer: makes your product functional

To put it simply, a web developer is the one who builds a website by implementing a web designer’s concept. Web developers are tech-savvy enthusiasts whose primary job is to build and maintain the core structure of the website or app using advanced coding languages and frameworks. The responsibilities of a web developer encompass configuring the server and databases, integration of other legacy systems, apps, tools, etc., user authentication, security issues. Moreover, it is essential for a developer to incorporate all the concepts laid out by a designer to transform them into fully functioning products. 

Besides building the website/app, a developer is responsible for performing tests and debugging, maintaining, and supporting the website or app once it has been launched. There are three types of developers, depending on their role and languages they use:

Do you need a web developer or a web designer?

So now you have an understanding of each role. But how to determine which specialist you need for the development of your project? This all depends on your requirements and business goals. For example, if you need to add new pages or scrollable elements to your website – web developers will suit in this case. 

However, it does not mean that a web designer is not needed here since the initial stage of the product development (whether it is a website, an app, or fragmentally a contact form) encompasses the creation of visuals, mockups, and layouts. Therefore, hiring a web design agency is a good idea if you want to provide your users with positive UX, create a solid brand style, and enhance user flow. 

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