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List of Top Ruby on Rails Developers in Singapore

1. Vinova

Vinova creates customised web apps, mobile apps and mobile games for clients which range from smaller scale as start-up individual to larger scale as enterprise corporate.

Vinova has a team of experienced Ruby Developers who are committed to delivering flexible and quality RoR web development solutions to meet your business requirements. Vinova’s Ruby on rails development team is highly qualified and specifically concentrates on delivering simple, logical and most consistent high quality solutions to the clients.

They have been architecting and building highly scalable web apps using technologies like Ruby on rails, Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Python, Java etc.


2. Neo

Previously under Pivotal Labs, the Singapore office was acquired by Digital Garage, and they operate 7 offices worldwide. Neo is a strong proponent of agile and lean methodologies.

3. Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is one of the largest players in the market, with 29 offices worldwide. Decades ago, its early employees wrote the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, setting up the basic principles of modern agile development methods. They still work there, ’nuff said.

4. Saigon, Silicon Straits

Their team is based in Vietnam but operate as a joint venture with Silicon Straits as their development arm. Silicon Straits also manages its portfolio of startups, and operate a co-working space, under the leadership of James Chan. The Vietnam team are the people behind Geeky, a hiring tool for software engineers.

5. 2359 Media

2359 Media has its roots in mobile app development (it started out as a location-based advertising platform for mobile), but has built up a rails team in Vietnam, with some help from Geeky, the hiring tool that the Saigon team built.

6. Rubify

Rubify is yet another Vietnam-based team but is one of the earliest entrants in Singapore. It’s a small outfit, but has experience working with both big name clients and startups.

7. Method

Mentioned above, Method started as a small band of freelancers (David ChuaErnest Sim, etc), with strong technical and design skills. I’ve worked with them on several occasions and can vouch for their abilities.

8. Tinkerbox Studios

They build web apps at a sustainable pace, this means no rushing bad code out the door just to meet deadlines (we can do that, but our clients understand the cost of doing so).