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In this article, you will be informed about 10 best reputable companies that specialize in banners production and social media assets development. 1. H1Studio H1Studio is a production studio for digital advertising media. It specializes in the production of mass digital advertising material for all devices, publishers, agencies, corporate entities, and markets. H1 offers discretional support and strategic guidance to agency clients. Since 2009, H1Studio’s digital ad banner development studio has revolutionized the digital production process by adopting and utilizing only the latest technologies to create banners that meet media platforms’ strict guidelines. H1Studio supports creative & media agencies, and corporate entities with HTML5 production, on a retainer basis. H1studio assists agencies with turn-key solutions by taking client approved assets and providing adaptation or resizing efforts within the quickest possible time frame, and delivering accurate production of the highest standard. With established working relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands, H1studio has developed and implemented high-volume banner ad campaigns which have very much earned the trust of global brands and advertising agencies. Website: Email: 2. Activeoo Activeoo is a digital production studio that offers personalized services to international customers. Activeoo partners with advertising agencies, corporate firms, small and medium-scale businesses (SMEs) and even freelancers in order to deliver digitally created, adapted and localized solutions. Activeoo seeks to deliver cost efficient digital solutions to clients. Activeoo blends creative ideas with superior technologies to deliver digital solutions. Activeoo is the brainchild of SHJ&Partners Pte Ltd Website: Email:   3. 24K Designs 24K Design Studio Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based agency and is a specialist in developing responsive websites and online marketing...
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